19- Ayatollah Sadeghi's theory: The idea behind 'stoning' is not to kill

Ayatollah Sadeghi's theory on 'stoning' (Rajm): "The idea behind 'stoning' (Rajm) is not to kill, but to punish by means of throwing small-sized stones at least vulnerable body parts"[1]

His description of 'stoning' (Rajm) can be outlined as follows:

a) The idea behind stoning (Rajm) is not to kill

b) Thus, based on quoted Hadiths (traditions), the stones must be small-sized, hence not fatal

 c) The stone must not target vulnerable body parts

d) The action of 'stoning' (Rajm) ends once the purpose of punishment is accomplished by means of a certain number of stones

e) Therefore, the term 'sangsar' (stoning to kill) is not the correct translation for 'Rajm'

f) 'Rajm' is the punishment for adultery that is committed in public


Amir Torkashvand

[1]- for Persian description of this theory see:


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