17- Abrogation of stoning by Islam

Abrogation of rajm ( stoning to kill ) by Islam

The famous view of Islamic jurists on the punishment of adultery and fornication (zena) is killing through stoning

  But I have analyzed 25 verses  of the Quran and studied and explored  relevant traditions (hadith)  by the method of historical critique  and then came  to this conclusions as follow:

a) Islam regards sexual unfaithfulness (adultery) very bad behavior but  yet it has not commanded the rule of stoning to kill.  In other words, there is not any rule including stoning and killing in Islam

b) And Even that Islam has not attested or supported the rule of stoning to kill

c) And of course Islam has not ignored it and it has not been indifferent to Islam  but Islam  dealt  with it

d) Islam has abrogated this command that there has been before Islam in Torah

e) Although there is difference between  the quranic- Arabic rajm   and the biblical- Hebrew rajm ( stoning to kill) , the second onearrived in Islamic community in the early Islamic period andgradually replace the Arabic rajm ( to punish by throwing smallstone to  make the feeling of pain , this  can be one of the meaning of fa aadoohum ( annoying)occurred in 4: 16 in the Quran


In this theoryabrogation of  rajm by Islam” it is not necessary to reject the traditions ( ahadith) including rajm , because they are Arabic rajm

The meaning of  Arabic rajm :  throwing small stones   ,  not to throw them  to the sensitive places of body and not throwing them  from front side of him/ her , not to keep him/her within the earth? Therefore, the goal is not killing, but it is enough to make the feeling of pain

Amir hoseyn  torkashvand   (author of legal hejab in Mohammad’s  age)


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